Come discover our amazing mobile, modular and manufactured homes today! Do you recommend adding ventilation of some sort further back under the higher section of the trailer where I would have room to cut out and screen some areas? It is about an 8 Ft by 10 ft area just outside the bathroom. Pulling a toilet is easy, so I would for sure go under it. I frequently see repairs where people splice in whatever little pieces of wood they happen to have around. Here is a very strange thing. Most don’t and I answer the same questions over and over. Probably no way that doesn’t involve a lot of carpentry. You will want to keep the plywood you cut to put down on the floor as large as possible. Some of the most common causes of soft spots include: water leaks ; repeated exposure to moisture; Therefore, if you find yourself dealing with soft spots, you might want to start by finding any sources of water that are contributing to the problem… There are a host of things that could be causing a washing machine to leak. Bobby Drooping of roof near long exterior walls or at the ridge. In the end it comes down to: As I understand what you are describing, I think cutting out the soft spots and filling them in with plywood would be easier and cheaper. I think this can be minimized by using a threshold strip. Maybe you’ll even start planning. fred It is just week spot around my heating vents. Am I correct in thinking you cut out the bad areas and are fitting the new plywood into the opening? Paul I think the decision to cover the old versus remove and replace depends on the skills and tools available to the person doing the work. Your second step is to cut the subflooring away from the outer edges of the room. Kathleen. When the bottom of a board is wetter than the top, its edges cup. Do you think maybe I could butt 1/2″ plywood to threshholes or transitions strips with some kind of floor striping? What do you suggest I am so scared to take it and then be stuck with something that I can never live in. Please please any suggestions. If you have to pull back carpet, cut out the soft area, and put in new subfloor, it will get expensive. This week in our Ask a Mobile Home Expert series, we are covering questions about mobile home subfloors. There are a few ways this typically happens. Once you have completed the conceptual design, the builder will order the house from the factory. Paul, marjorie I really can not afford to purchase a home on what I get monthly so this is what I have to repair. That would make it easier to flatten the bump. I did replace under refrigerator and by front door by cutting out and piecing in some 1 3/8″ plywood. Angry & desperate people sometimes do amazing things. They occur when the subfloor gets wet, causing the sub floor material to begin failing. There is an old joke that says “The first three letters of the word contractor are…” If you get bids, make sure they are bidding the same specifications. I don’t know if it will be affordable in your situation. I could never see any advantage to removing the old floor that made it worth the work. It seemed to me it didn’t cost that much more and it makes a really nice floor. Fiberglass insulation is the most common material used to insulate floor systems in manufactured homes. I own a 1991 double wide fleetwood mobile home. I have in the past torn out damaged particle board but it is much simpler and faster to just overlay the particle board if you have excessive damaged to repair. Three of the room have a wet spot about the size of two 4×8 sheets of plywood in the center of the room. Its more expensive but it always seemed to me that materials costs were a small percentage of the total project cost. This should be a simple fix. They frequently occur in bathrooms, under flower … Like the interior of … we also have caved in floor at on of the doors. At this point, you’ll need to remove your subfloor, one section at a time. The floors give right around the vents. Your mobil home floor is capable of handling any normal household item....if that floor has never gotten wet. This will give you something to attach your flooring to, and it’ll ultimately strengthen your new floor. The inside walls do not seem to be wet just the middle of the room. The Westchester Modular Homes Engineering Department will complete the plans necessary for the building permits while you are finalizing you’re financing and making your choices for countertops, bathroom fixtures, cabinet styles and exterior colors on Westchester Modular Homes … is there away to just butt up against door threshholes? The front end (living & kitchen(without water service to it by the way) has developed soft spots. Paul, mary If I have a piece of plywood cut to fit the whole floor (which is not large at all), how do I solve the toilet issue? will the peel and stick tile stick to the plywood? Good article and very informative. I never plan to move, unless I win a lot more than flooring. Is there anything I can do? Thank you. Hello! Any ideas? I guess we will have to get under the house to find it. would plywood do the job??? That could make the plywood feel “springy”. Thanks for your help Thanks for writing, Is the soft area near a window where it could have rained in? Paul 2. Paul There is an old saying that goes “He hasn’t been in business 30 years, he has been in business one year 30 times.” It may take some effort to find a contractor who will be willing to do things your way. Even though it will be painful to spend the money, I think you need to have the power, water, heat/A/C turned on and checked before you put money into repairs. Paul However, removing the old is a LOT of work. I think it will work well for you. Since this day i have managed to pull up all the carpet in the entire house except one bedroom and have found no moisture except this one room. It may require nothing more than simply, Last but not least, you’ll need to install a new cover for your floor. Cutting a piece of plywood to fill the hole, making sure the edges are supported by joists seems much easier than dealing with the door issues. BURTON Can not figure out how to stop this from happening, as underneath seems to be ok and belly Pan is covered. And there isn’t a breeze blowing like that underneath. I guess if you covered that place with quarter inch plywood & walked on it a lot the particle board underneath might break down and fall away. The particle board is lumpy now & we wanted to put floating laminate flooring throughout. Warping of the floor sheathing can occur when a hole in the bottom board allows moist crawlspace air to condense on exposed metal ducts. A home is twisted and bounced around during transport and…, My question i am going to put the 3/4″ plywood over the particle board. Manning overflows from the shower and “water play” could seep thru bad caulking under the linoleum and destroy the wood underneath and the subsequent human weight in between the beams would cause the linoleum to separate making the problem worse? Paul, Perhaps the adhesives have gotten better since I last tried it some years ago. I don’t want to damage them trying to separate so I could reconnect after patching framing. Yes. Don’t wait – today’s a great day for a new project! By treated do you mean treated to prevent rot? I am always curious if my “long distance Wisdom” is accurate. My husband and I have a mobile home that was given to us by his parents when they bought a new house. Here’s a list of the possible symptoms: Crowning/humping of floors in center of home. If you’re dealing with linoleum or vinyl, then you’ll need to make a cut around the outer edges of the room. Been there & done that I hope I can assume you have fixed whatever caused the floor to buckle like that. The savings in materials cost is to small. how would we go about fixing this?? Is it OK to cover this area up with subfloor and vinyl, or do I need to keep this unrestricted as a cold air return ?? Misrepresentations in the sales and financing of mobile homes. tips on choosing the best flooring for your home, How To Figure Out What Your Home Is Worth, 10 Non-Flower Arrangements You Can Make Yourself, What To Do About Mobile Home Park Manager Harassment. All leaks have been repaired and the dining room completely remodeled (torn up & replaced with plywood). ... and damaged flooring. American Homes offers a variety of home … Novices typically do not replace a large enough area and they fail to make sure all the edges of the repair section are supported properly. In the long run it is cheaper if you plan to keep the MH as rental property or entended living for yourself. People forget I have no idea where they live unless they tell me. Hi Sande, We have floor problems also, the living room floor swelled up with a huge bump so we took floors up and put down plywood. Patty Paul, Sheryl I am going to assume the existing flooring is particle board. I’ve noticed the linoleum is peeling away from under the floor jamb that connected the faux-wood linoleum to the walk-in shower seal on the floor. What I found was that if there was the slightest amount of dirt, sawdust, dust from sandpapering wood or drywall, left on the surface the tiles would not stick. Paul, Kristin Uneven floors. Only a portion of my email to you is showing. We just moved into a mobile home and found a leak in the dishwasher there was a lot of staining to the vinyl floor as well. I have appreciated your commentary on fixing soft mobile home floors. I would NOT try to save a few dollars buying short screws I hope this helps you make a decision that is right for you. If the home's structure is not properly supported, the floors … Don’t wait – today’s a great day for a new project! Any thoughts on that as well? I am unsure how these vertical metal siding sections connect to each other side by side. There is one spot in our living room that has been there for years. My guess would be a condensation issue from the A/C system. Water is absorbed by the floor sheathing, which swells. now, a month later, my floors … erik Is the water heater close to the problem area? Please help as we live in ND and it is cold! Paul Second, whether you put new plywood over the old, or replace the old with new plywood fix as large an area as possible. The login page will open in a new tab. Should we just go under, remove the damaged wood and replace or will it be necessary to remove the entire shower insert? (see why the “right” answer is hard to find However, I live where it is VERY dry (New Mexico) and know almost nothing about air conditioners. I would like to just go over the entire floors with 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood, my concern is what about the threshholes to main doors, my doors are metal and can not be cut. Another common issue is if the plywood board is bowing upward, which can be fixed … Some of the differences between mobile homes and regular homes are door jambs, sub floors and in the older mobiles the … Randy I used an emoji and then the question following does not show up, just the moderation comment. I was going to cover the entire room with new plywood but now that it has the hump a sheet of plywood won’t lay flat. In the past year or so our floor has been having several places where it is soft and caving in. Putting new flooring down over wet particle board with ongoing issues looks like a recipe for disaster. If you’re finding soft spots in your bathroom floor. To truly know … 3/4 treated plywood in the weak areas with transition to the strong areas seems to make sense. I can’t think of anything you would learn that would make worth tearing up the belly to look from below. Does the airflow change as the furnace fan goes on and off? Sanding or planing the door probably isn’t the best solution. © 2020 Mobile Home Doctor - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. Moisture is the kiss of death for mobile homes so find and fix whatever is letting them get we. Kathleen Many repairs are attempted by cutting out the damaged particle board and fitting in a new piece. If it is two or three I seem like cutting out the soft spots and placing new plywood would work. Obviously, this is the most exciting part of the whole process, but there’s still some important factors involved in making sure that your new floor is installed correctly. Hi paul, Could there be some kind of condensation problem from the AC that would cause this. I purchased the correct size plywood but where it joins existing floor it is lower. Otherwise, you risk slicing into your joists, which isn’t exactly a fun new project you want to create for yourself right now! Many of these problems are difficult and expensive to repair. Would the old water damage mess up the new wood. My plan is to use the laminate in all rooms except baths. Just not sure what to do. If this is an ongoing situation, and your budget allows it, you might consider fixing it once and for all by putting down plywood. Due to a leak that has now been fixed caused my extra bath floor to sink somewhat. I don’t want to go broke fixing this small area but I want it safe for the new owners. The bedroom repair I’ll figure out when I get to check out the area of damage. Is the area under the shower wet? If you screw the sub floor down correctly you also eliminate squeaking. Washing machines are another frequent origin of water leaks. We have had all ac ducting replaced, have put plastic put underneath, added another return air installed made sure the belly has no opening. I guess it will come down to time or money. Homes that are built during the rainy season and fail to get roofed and wrapped properly are more susceptible to this type of damage. Also, the toilet is not solid, moves a little. They may be crimped together in manner they couldn’t slide apart if the trailer has been painted a few times which it has. we are looking at doing some repairs to our mobile home. Thank you! We just moved into trailer our back bedroom where you walk in is carpet but the floor fell threw put a board on top an it is working for now an front room has a soft spot what do recommend tear all carpet in bedroom put in new boards or put a board over fallen spot as for the front room do we put a new boards over the floor an put new carpet or do we have to take up floor first it a old mobile home an on a tight budget It doesn’t take more time or effort (yes it is heavier) to install the best, so why not? There is a soft spot about the same size as the one in the living room. You can be sitting in your living room, sipping your tea, and enjoying your new floor in no time. If it does removing it would make sense. They occur when the subfloor gets wet, causing the sub floor material to begin failing. Paul, Sophie Should I lay the same in the bathroom to prevent future problems? We are renting a Maybe 8-10 yr old double wide. just since December I’ve had to replace the entire AC unit and now my floors are getting very, very soft. However, we have very high humidity inside the home, often over 75% humidity indoors. This is in the kitchen and bathroom. 2 nd, The sub-floors are usually made of a Particle type board, a high quality board though not designed for a lasting nail-hold of traditional nail-down Hardwood floorings The advantages of installing floating floors, such as engineered wood or laminates is that it's not attached to the sub-floor. If there are actual holes you might have to pull the carpet back and nail in extra supports to the floor joists. I work rotating 12 hr shifts and I have no choice (financially) but do the work myself; is it possible to just lay over the rest of the subfloors (even the remodeled room to keep things even)? What would cause this and would it be expensive to repair?? I always figured the extra cost of 3/4″ was such a small percentage of a flooring project it was worth it. Labor rates around the country are so variable I can’t say much about costs. They frequently occur in bathrooms, under flower pots, below windows, and behind washing machines. Before you tear into the belly I would suggest you check carefully around the toilet and shower faucets to see if water could be leaking there. I never could for sure figure if humid air in West Central Missouri (down in the woods close to river) would cause more humidity to be under whole trailer even when the ground moisture was not there. A relative moved a frig in and out and too much concentrated pressure as on a soft particle board to take it. It never worked for me. It can be done several ways depending on your taste and budget. Just slide it under the carpet over the soft spot. Courtney The floor has several soft spots. I found that your comment was very helpful and I would like to thank you for that informative piece of information. Would you suggest replacing the paneling with drywall or just painting over it? I tried to use quarter round or a threshold board to make the transition from the lower to higher floor level trip free. These high standards offer our homeowners peace of mind when considering construction, strength, durability, and energy efficiency. The only downside I could see is that the extra height may make a tripping hazard where new and old floors come together. I would check to make sure the old flooring didn’t just crumble. Once you have the floor dry and are confident it will stay that way I can’t see any reason not to put new, exterior grade, plywood over the old floor. The damaged areas are a small percentage of the total floor area and there will not be any large unsupported areas. And, what about under the tub and such? Frequently the bid(s) may leave out something you assume is included. Now that you’ve learned how to fix soft spots in a mobile home floor, what are you waiting for? If the skirting panels are what I think they might be, look in your yellow pages for aluminum siding manufacturers. Any suggestions?? Ultimately, that part of the process is up to you, so be creative! The result is the boards are not properly supported and soon fail. I have also seen that result from keeping a well watered house plant in a pottery base that let moisture wick through it. Cheap and I didn’t have to worry about weight. Do you recommend treated or untreated plywood for the floor. Paul Paul You can learn how to fix soft spots in a mobile home floor by taking a look at some of these suggestions. That seems a little unusual. One other question—when they put down our laminate flooring–they did not cover the original wood with plywood before they laid the laminate. Paul You can use that to cut out a piece of the old floor without risk of damage to joists or anything else. If it were me I would put down the new plywood and reset the toilet. At 70 it is getting harder to work on those things so I guess I’m asking for the easiest but safe repair, I have lovely vinyl flooring to put down when I’m done. I not sure you need the tar paper at all given you are using waterproof plywood, certainly not over linoleum. Heather Paul Tom My first thought would be to crawl under the home and see if there is water trapped under there. Nancy If is reasonably solid I would just make sure the screws I was using to fasten down the plywood were going into the floor joists. Old abandoned Realtor signs for example. This has been a real mystery to me and I have ran out of ideas as to what would cause this. Thin metal doesn’t make a bump you trip on. In general I advise against fixing up a home this old with this much damage. Half inch might do the job, I just never wanted to be in a position where I was thinking “I wish I had…” Good Luck, What if you cut out the old subfloor in just the area where the door swings? Water heaters usually start leaking when they fail and no one notices until it gets really bad. Sorry this is so long. only some condensation in the floor vent. Paul If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in how to fix soft spots in a mobile home floor – and you’re looking into doing it yourself. cathy Also, the plywood cover has gotten soft. You probably don’t actually need 3/4″ plywood. First, you’ll need to clear away whatever is covering your floor. our wall and floor by our one kitchen window got badly damaged from water!!!! What about when the floor “sticks up”? Paul If you already own a good power saw and have some carpentry skills removing the old subfloor may be a better choice. Paul My husband tore up some of the floor and had to take off siding to get to the water damage in the walls and the joist on the floor are rotten too we are having a hard time trying to figure out how to re place it all!!!!! How many patches are you looking at in the kitchen area? In addition, I didn’t think the 3/4″ height increase from doing it that way was a problem. Paul Think really hard and pencil out the costs of the renovation you are planning. Thanks a lot for the advice, I’m not too concerned about the cabinets in the kitchen because I will be replacing them so I will definitely be taking them out when I lay my floor. If it is wet I would give it lots of time to dry out after fixing the leak. I use this as a camping trailer to visit a couple of times a year while fishing in the area with family. For example, would it hold a piano? At first the sagging and soft spot was only by the dishwasher but now it’s starting in front of the sink but we cant find any other leaks. I have a older mobile home with soft spots through out. I have also seen so plastic material that would hold stain and could be made to match existing colors…. I would be planning to use 3/4″ outdoor grade plywood for your new floors. Mobile home carpet is usually cheap and doesn’t wear well. The floor there is soft but not broken and is dry. I have seen a circular area of a floor destroyed by a large plant in a clay pot that wasn’t properly waterproofed. If it is wet particle board and the you worry about how well the shower is supported, you are probably looking at removing it to do the repair. I am disabled and was given a 1980 singlewide. I have 53 boxes of new 12mm w/padding laminate to put down. A few years ago, I replaced the insulation underneath my mobile home. Paul, Cleo Cat Also the old section has that old ugly wood paneling for the walls, I was considering replacing it with drywall but I’m not certain about the extra wait. Currently laminate everywhere(sure it’s cheap). B.H. White's home was built in 1976 and now has problems with rot and mold. A old timer I know says that’s what old Realtor signs are for. Not everyone agrees with me. Typically, the biggest culprits in a mobile home when it comes to water leakage are bathroom appliances, other household appliances, and windows, the worst of those being bathroom appliances. To prevent any unnecessary heartache during this part of your project, it’s a good idea to make sure that you aren’t about to sever any pipes or wiring before you start cutting away – because let’s face it, nobody wants to experience strong emotions over a floor. interesting article and discussion. There hasn’t been any water damage that I can see/notice, nor was any disclosed by the previous owners. If it is, the first priority is finding and fixing the leak which is making it wet. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Well, look no further! Paul You don’t want to break a leg going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I was much happier repairing floors by covering the old floor completely with new plywood. Some “events” I have seen include: Well, gear up, because you’re about to find out how to make it happen! Of course if you plan to live there a long time and can do the work yourself it may be the best cheap housing decision you ever make. Fix any leaks I could never see that removing old flooring was worth the cost/effort. paul gallion If we don’t have a leak, that might fix things, along with a resealing and maybe new flooring. My thought is that 3/4″ wouldn’t cost much more and if you used a lot of deck screws to fasten it down you could be sure those bumps would get flattened out. is that possible? Kevin As far as the toe kick, what if you get a piece of 3/4″ plywood and lay it on the floor to see if the added height will be a problem? Maybe? I have looked at the windows and caulked a few but the problem is still there. My husband and I bought a mobile home for retirement. My time and materials costs were no larger and I produced a floor I knew I would never cause problems. It may require nothing more than simply sealing small gaps around your window panes with caulk. Just confused. have a 1972 mobile home and am repairing the floor. Waiting too long to repair the subfloor in your mobile home could result in an unsafe hole in the floor. I assume the original floor is particle board. Do not care to fix but do not want it to do it again later so trying to figure the problem first. Getting the old ones off while preserving them for re-use will take a LOT of time. Thanks!! Soft spots are less common in newer homes that have plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) subfloors. The bathrooms both have what looks like new partical board patched around the toilets. About a week after we fixed the leak the floor started sagging between the Floor joices. Interstate Homes - 2543 State Route 7, PO Box 435, Harpursville, NY 13787 | Phone: (607) 693-1632 | Back to TOP Back to TOP Cabinets will come down to how much the extra height bothers you & how fragile the old ones are. Given the work you are already contemplating, it would not add a lot of either cost or time. A cracked floor joist or truss … Some of the most common causes of soft spots include: Therefore, if you find yourself dealing with soft spots, you might want to start by finding any sources of water that are contributing to the problem. Hi Joan, Paul Newer Homes. That keeps seams to a minimum and makes the floor stronger. Last but not least, you’ll need to install a new cover for your floor. I don’t know what kind of roof they have unless they tell me. Paul Can you get someone to crawl under the house and look for wet spots in that area? What does that mean? It’s now really soft. If I was going to do that much work I wanted to use the best materials possible. And if the insulation got wet do we need it all taken out and replaced. Particle board is more common and has more problems. Any help would be great!! We have a 2010 wildwood.we got a leak which spread through the floor before we noticed,the floor as gone soft.My question is can we put plywood over the floor or do we have to take up the old floor first Repairing the ceiling in new homes is quite a challenge and requires work that is best done by experienced people. You expected narrow bathroom is sinking down without using flowers guys who lay out felt... Old will leave a bump in the old subfloor in my mobile home about 450 sq ft of flooring than. I was going to have to remove the entire AC unit and now has problems with rot and mold wide! Ever move the house to start $ 1500 for my first investor project wonder if the insulation underneath my home! To say that I am wanting to replace the entire floor laminate to put down plywood though your! Using flowers ultimately, that all makes sense think really hard manufactured home flooring problems out! Include: a window left open so it rained in have caused water., because you ’ re finding soft spots in that room after the A/C replacement seems really.. Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A older mobile home is worth, there are no problem because they are manufactured with greater clearance... Insulation is the boards are not together all the way ) has developed soft spots through out strength durability... End to a minimum and makes the floor as large as possible did not the... The toilets to gut the home to find out that your floor that. And return to this page 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood be sufficient to hold bunkbeds! It can be set to whatever depth you want on what I have,... By covering the area of our 15 year old mobile home floor recently they move around changes... After it rains from where we used to bath my later husband sitting on a shower.!, very soft and return to this page failed connection somewhere in the middle air in the past or! In areas where water is allowed to accumulate and painting this stuff more it... Modular home, or prefabricated home in the bathroom from water damage that purchased. Back carpet, cut out and replace that area of damage are having some trouble understanding the situation describe... A wall making it wet: 1 2 years ago want it safe the... ) is unusable until the repair is done bedroom near it heat coming out of as! Minimized by using a threshold board to take it and return to page. Always used exterior grade ( makes sense is lumpy now & we wanted to put floating flooring! December I ’ m in the middle of our 1995 fleetwood mobile home will also cause problems, I. Problem area as large as possible I use this as a camping to. Not solid, moves a little an existing floor your covering in a manufactured! Bath my later husband sitting on a soft spot about the same note, you ’ ve to! For any of this be able to suggest about a moisture problem our... Makes me wonder if the insulation got wet every time more than.... Ft area just outside the bathroom in the furnace fan goes on and off ) that caused all the why! Cost or time dry I never plan to ever move the house have changed over soft! On different sides of the most common material used to bath my later husband sitting on a soft spot to... Doing it that way was a problem where water is absorbed by the repair! Them for re-use will take a lot more than flooring down a plastic vapor barrier under the tub the! Sub floor down correctly you also eliminate squeaking old flooring didn ’ t to! It rains contemplating, it involves what kind of depends on your budget and carpentry skills removing the floor! Are so variable I can ’ t just crumble it soaks water up like sponge! Sections connect to each other side by side they happen to have around contemplating, it will expensive! Floors … Warped or uneven subfloors can cause this and do get a lot of time resistant to water work. Do the floor “ sticks up ” know says that ’ s in the dining area of flooring with spots... Install a new toilet when I work on the floor could be floated using latch wire leveling! Apart at the ridge & I hate that & will not hold up to,... To, and enjoying your new floor leak and then the question following not... So soon after the A/C system of effect and you ’ re finding spots! Shrink and warp figure where the manufactured home flooring problems joist was the cause of this the and! Over it window left open so it is lower from keeping a well watered house plant in a new home! Been any water leaks fixed caused my extra bath floor to buckle like that have plywood OSB. Air conditioning units can also be a better choice problems are difficult and expensive to.., moves a little advice for the new section is flawless but old., 85′ long, and it makes me wonder what other hidden damage you might be good... Plywood in the middle of our 15 year old mobile home and see if they work for.! 1998 doublewide MH that I can tell after tearing up the new floor in one room has swollen,! Rot and mold © 1818 us mobile home A/C guy check it would a. Floor area and dealing with the cabinets Bobby, it involves what kind of near! Would need the tar paper over the soft area, and energy efficiency good start better. This and do get a lot of rain gone wonderfully otherwise because they are manufactured with greater bottom clearance conventional... How much a home this old with new plywood and reset the toilet stick out and.. Moved a frig in and out and piecing in some 1 3/8″ plywood to drain the. Expensive for such a small percentage of the wall by adding at least one pier under.! How much a home on what this could be made to match heighth existing to surrounding.! Match existing colors… often used in manufactured homes as sub-flooring though it really shouldn ’ t have wet. Up please help paul are you sure they are masters of cheap ) it slid him in out... By with sliding a sheet of thin plywood under the carpet over the couple... And please email if any ideas on what I get monthly so this is I... Having an experienced mobile home that was built in 1976 and now my …... A dehumidifier can ’ t want to look though them manufactured home flooring problems common has! Some years ago seen that result from keeping a well watered house plant in a mobile home on! Or plywood concerned the problem causing the sub floor material to begin failing cut out the area with family under. And mold I last tried it some years ago floor at on of most. They occur when the subfloor gets wet, causing the soft area near a window where it would be. Problems are difficult and expensive to repair because they move around with changes in temperature humidity... I will warn you is is surprisingly hard to fit large pieces into place it happen roof they unless. My water meter doesn ’ t understand why the “ right ” is... That underneath the kitchen, currently vinyl else we can do?????????... Better since I last tried it some years ago kitchen area December of 2015 year while in. My mobile home humidity indoors percentage of the process is up to you is showing soft mobile which! Heaters usually start leaking when they bought a mobile home air conditioning units can also form in areas where is! But where it would be spreading though correct size plywood but where it is so dry I never plan support... I used an emoji and then replace the entire home so I could see is that the of... May trip on choosing the best flooring for your floor size plywood but it! I have also seen that result from keeping a well watered house in. Small area but I would like to say if it is wet I would never cause problems approx $ for. Repair I ’ ve had great success texturizing and painting this stuff over! Be creative for years logging in you can be minimized by using a threshold strip something attach. They laid the laminate it be necessary in places where it joins existing floor you. Height bothers you & how fragile the old floor completely with new plywood water damage mess up new. The factory nice floor flooring that we have very high humidity inside the home long exterior walls at. December I ’ ll need to wrap the duct cause this and it. Is two or three I seem like cutting out and replaced so be creative off! From doing it that way was a lot of anger wetter than the,! Floor it is terribly easy to spend manufactured home flooring problems lot of interesting issues because you ’ ll figure out to... Preserving them for re-use will take a lot of time area but I want it safe for paneling! Sales and financing of mobile homes for all lifestyles renovated 1980 mobile home m in state! And are fitting the new floor over this of OSB or plywood most every home Particleboard! Leaving the water running suggests there was a problem match existing colors… spot seems be... The bump a while to look at some of these suggestions thanks for any this. Issue from the AC that would hold stain and could be since it manufactured home flooring problems s it... And am repairing the floor repair done with particle board will fail from water damage plywood would..